Friday, March 2, 2012

Wish for Some Rest ...

I'm so tired today because I barely had time to sleep last night. I was done with all classes and went home by 8:30 PM, then I worked on the chemistry homework that's due tomorrow morning. Even though I had some difficulties, I finished a problem set, modified a lab report, and exercised. I hate procrastinating, but I'm proud of myself! Man I'm craving for some sleep!

My two roommates, Janie and Kelly, told me today that they think I'm being way too noisy. They were unhappy at my music and washing dishes at late night, said it bothered them, but especially when they want to sleep in the living room (Why would they give up beds anyways?). Janie claimed she frequently heard "very loud noises" coming from my room at night, however she didn't specify what kind of noise when I asked. It's pretty strange because I usually only keep the volume that's good enough for me to hear and close my door at late night.

This was not all. Kelly said I'm being very disrespectful to them. I was surprised and asked her how. She said I just "look disrespectful", and she was really offended by the way I talk and look at her. I was so tired that I didn't say anything besides I didn't mean it, and I'll improve the situation. But was that a joke? I almost never talked to Kelly (or even looked at her). I do talk to Janie, but it's like three times a week, with brief or insignificant conversation. All I wanna say is, I could do something to improve, but I think they're being oversensitive. I never complained about sometimes they laugh and chat loudly in their room (I can hear it.), and for some reason they have occasional screams that could scare me. That doesn't bother me. *shrug*

P. S. Ohoh btw, I wondered if I make DMT look like such a twink (but he is not stupid!). LOL


  1. 真可憐!已經累的要死,還要去應付這些女孩的小心眼。

    1. 也許我真的有些習慣讓她們不舒服,不能完全怪她們;但說我這種人打擾她們的生活,會不會有點太誇張了?