Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brainstorming for Prof. K's Portrait

I'm still getting idea for my big art project - a portrait of Prof. K.

My art teacher Nic asked me what I've come up with, I said I had no idea. Some things I can associate with Prof. K. are greenhouses, vegetables, and owls.

"You created a whole comic of characters. You have new ideas every week, but now you're telling me you have no ideas?" Nic said, "Come on, just put your professor into the comic! Give him some psychedelic costumes or what ... Maybe Ecstasy fell in love with the professor and turned his life upside-down. They began raving all day with owls in the greenhouse, and the sunflowers were all dancing to the beats ..."

I couldn't do anything else but crying "Oh my God!" and laughing out loud. Oh Nic, thanks for the smart-ass WTF suggestion ...

Prof. K. told me that one of his most concerned issues is the patenting and monopolization of improved crops, world hunger, and the health of children. Maybe I should depict him in a weird costume, having numerous owls and directing the owls to steal precious patented seeds from agricultural company tycoons and giving them to the poor farmers in third world countries so they could feed their children ...

P. S. Prof. N. of my environmental studies class asked, "Have you used natural pesticides?" No reply. The first thing came to my mind was chili water. Prof. N. counted her finger and said, "Nicotine ... cocaine ... caffeine." There were giggles in the lecture hall, but Prof. N. remained serious (because she wasn't kidding). "Those things exist in nature to protect the plants, not to give you a buzz," she smiled. Well, that's fair and true for those plant alkaloids. Coffee? Maybe, but imagine someone spraying plants with cocaine ... LOL


  1. 為什麼會想到畫這位教授?你覺得他長的很像漫畫人物嗎?

    1. Uh no. Our project was to paint either a self-portrait or someone significant to you. I thought of Prof. K. because he's my idol and a father-like figure at UW.