Monday, March 12, 2012

A Few Random Sketches

Time for post-exam procrastination!

(left) 2C-B with 70's flared sleeves. Maybe she should have them. I don't know but my friend seems to prefer those. LOL Her lab coat can cover the sleeves, probably. And wait, can she still wear pants? Next step: change her hairstyle.
(right) 2C-E with a lot of squares on his jacket. Not sure what to do with this guy next.

Okay I admit this is strange. Don't ask me why. Just look at them. LOL I just had two exams. I need some rest and I'm having fun.

Finally, Simon with a wig! 萌爆了!



  1. I like 2C-B's sleeves! She can wear thin pants I guess. I kinda like how 2C-E looks so I don't think you should change much.
    LSD looks so weird like that lol.
    And Simon is just the best. XD

  2. Alright 70's sleeves!

    So you don't think DMT looks weird with LSD's clothes? LOL He just doesn't look hippish at all.
    Blanca said LSD looks like a different person without glasses. I said uh not really he's still a goddamn hippie probably just not as obvious.

    And I think Simon should wear something sexier. LOL

  3. DMT just looks like he dresses up as LSD but LSD looks more different.