Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Is Here and Dill Would Never Grow Up

Spring is here! It's time to wear short sleeves and skirts while bathing in the sun!
Daffodils and tulips are budding their young leaves off the soil.

I have a sad news. Just two days ago when I opened the window, I found Dill the pupa was empty. There was a round hole on the pupa and Dill was gone. I supposed it could be some kind of parastiod wasp consuming Dill even before I adopted it and emerging out. I felt kind of sad that I'd never see Dill as a butterfly and threw the empty pupa away.

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  1. 真讓人難過,可以找一張照片給我看看這種蝴蝶長什麼樣子嗎?