Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color Theory & Insects - WIP

The purpose of this assignment was to make our own 12 colors - 3 primary, 3 secondary, and 6 tertiary colors. We were allowed to cut the paper and arrangement them into a traditional color wheel or any way we wanted ... so I made a bunch of insects! (I always make things more complicated.) I just love insects too much!

Eventually they were put on a white paper mat, but I put them on different colors during WIP so they looked even more attractive! In the end I had 22 insects, arranged in a phylogeny.

Here they are not in order. Each is about 2 inch in size. They are soooooo cute! My favorites are the cockroach, the wasp, and the lacewing. The art teacher's comment was "fantastic!"

All the colors I made (on paper canvas)! 

Blattodea (cockroach)

Thysanura (silverfish)

Ephemeroptera (mayfly)

Odonata (dragonfly)

Dermaptera (earwig)

Orthoptera (grasshopper)

Hemiptera (bug)

Coleoptera (beetle)

Lepidoptera (moth)

Hymenoptera (wasp)

Diptera (fly)

Neuroptera (lacewing)

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  1. i like this assignment. :D your work is glorious. Although I don't know most insects, they are so cuteee~~~!