Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prof. K ... Really?

I laughed when my idol, Prof. K., told me that he wanted to keep long hair. (He used to have very short hair.)

I: You'll look like a mad scientist!
Prof. K.: I am a mad scientist!
I: Are you a scientist?
Prof. K.: I don't take those labels.

I interviewed him and he didn't like those "favorite questions", such as what his favorite animal was, etc. "People are always changing. Asking about favorites is reductionistic," he said. (Man, so cool.) Then he said he liked owls a lot.


  1. Is he contradicting himself? He said he's a mad scientist then said he's not a scientist...correct?
    What is "reductionistic"?

  2. I think he said he's a mad scientist just for kidding. I kind of understand why he doesn't want to identify as a "pure scientist" because his career is the incorporation of science, sociology, history, politics, and other stuff.

    By eductionistic he just meant a person is multi-faceted so asking for the person's favorites is very limiting to understand that person because he/she might change the next moment.

  3. Ha! Prof. K looks quitly normal, I think, he is not like be a sort kind of "mad" scientist.