Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wet Earphone

The kitchen in my apartment was ignored for way too long that it was so disgusting. I had to clean it. I spent two hours after dinner just to clean the microwave, stoves, and bench. The sink was clogged so the water just didn't drain. Suddenly, my right iPod earphone dropped into the dirty water! After I cleaned it, I could hardly hear anything from the right. I thought I ruined a set of earphones! Fortunately, it recovered its function after air-drying completely. Phew!

Now the stoves are clean but the floor is dirty. I have to clean it tomorrow. I got bored so I went to another free music live, Steez, a somewhat popular Madison's local band. My friend Michael was there, too. Nothing could be better than listening to music while dancing with your friend!


  1. I thought that should be called an earphone...isn't a headphone the one that goes around your head?

    1. Seriously I got confused. I don't know which one is which. Maybe you're right.

    2. I checked...they are interchangeable but most of the time earphones are the ones inside your ear and headphones are a set of earphones held by a band or wire around the head.
      Source: /lol

  2. I'm just testing the commenting ability here.

  3. earphone's structure have a thin membrane inside, if they got wetted it cannot vibration so it can't make any voice, dry it ! then it will be recoved.