Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hot and Sour Soup

This is the classic hot and sour soup, very delicious!
I bought tofu but forgot to put them in.
Zach had dinner with me and said it tasted good. (Surprising, I thought American people probably can't stand the sour taste.)

Since I moved to an off-campus apartment, I began making most of my meals.
A little bit more soy sauce, and some pepper ... with more vinegar! I taste and recall everything from memory, the food I've eaten in Taiwan when I was growing up. Sometimes I replicate the authentic taste very well.
Lucy said she browsed my food photo album on Facebook so many times, never got tired, and each time she drooled. Although my photos are for public display and for myself, I still felt shy to be complimented in that way.
Fresh vegetables and meat from Willy Street Co-op and some special ingredients from the Midway Asian Market, I can make almost everything I want. I feel like I have my own Asian kitchen in Madison. When I get used to my own cooking, I often can't stand many restaurants ... including both American Asian restaurants.
I guess that's probably why I don't seem to be as homesick as many of my Asian schoolmates.


  1. 豆腐是新鮮的嗎?很難想像在美國也可以買到新鮮豆腐。

  2. 哈哈! 妳的廚藝已經有"粉絲"了

  3. 下半年你有自己的廚房做菜更方便