Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happiest Thing This Week: The Chemistry Lab Report

My chemistry TA told me something shocking last Thursday: she said my lab report was 3 days late because she didn't receive it until last Monday. According to the policy I should receive an zero, but she allowed me to use the excuse form, which could only be used once per semester.

I didn't have an idea what happened. I turned my report in my TA's mailbox on the exact due day. I just couldn't prove it. The penalty of the late report was writing a 3-4 page reports on organic chemistry literature. I didn't know about it so I didn't do it.

On Tuesday, my TA told me that she heard the mail room lady said she saw my lab report on the floor (on the other side of the mailboxes) in the early morning of Monday. My TA then believed that I turned the report in at some point earlier than Monday, just that it slipped off the mailbox or another student pushed it out while turning in his or her own report. So, I didn't have to do the penalty essay and could receive full credits.

Oh man, that's the happiest thing I had this week! I believe my TA is very strict but is actually nice. (The TA emphasized that because the mail room lady said so, not because she believed me. Well ... LOL)

I worked with Katie, my former lab partner from General Chemistry 103 and who is in the same lecture as I now, on our chemistry homework in the library until 2:30 AM today. I have to complete another lab report tomorrow. A lot to do, but it'll sure be a good and productive week.

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