Wednesday, February 29, 2012

White Rabbit

Trippy and awesomesauce from the 60's!

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit


  1. It's such a great song! Sounds almost futuristic for its time!
    Found that Volunteers is also their song. Awesome!

    1. Yes! But it was written in 1967, and the latest fashion at the time was those trippy psychedelic rock.

      Gees, I need to rediscover classic psychedelic rock. Their tones and some flanging and distortion they used were so novel and awesome.

    2. Heheh check out the live version. The psychedelic background they created was epic. Gotta love Grace Slick, too, she's so talented!

      Totally. I was gonna listen to some Grateful Dead but I gave up on the internet. But somehow they didn't appeal to my ears??...I need to listen more.
      I checked out some Pink Floyd albums one day and I think they are pretty cool. (they have so many albums it's insane...)