Thursday, February 2, 2012

My New Transgender Friend

I made a couple new friends today at an event. One of them was a strange transgender girl. She was very skinny, in a long skirt with 5 o'clock shadow, half-long hair, and a peace sign necklace.

She was initially a plant pathology major but now switched to political science, at the same time knowing quite some biology and chemistry. "Plants need a leader too," she joked. We began the conversation as I asked her if we have an introductory course about fungi in our school. (We do. It's much like the fungal counterpart of Prof. Y's entomology course. I don't know if I'll ever take it.) Then we chatted and laughed until almost 10 PM (because she could laugh at everything).

Even though I know a few transgender around campus, I don't really have such friends. When I think of her sometimes, I still intuitively think "she" is a "he". I need to get more used to that. I told her about that and she said it's okay, because she felt like when I talked to her, I treated her like a girl. Finally, she looked forward to become more girly after her hormone treatment months later ( ... who has been desparately wishing to have breast). Well, I hope that'll go well!

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