Thursday, February 2, 2012

Semi-blind Continuous Contour Practice

These are two semi-blind contour I did yesterday in art class.
Contour is the basic outlines of things. Continuous means that the whole drawing is one continuous line; we can't take the pencil off until it's finished.
Semi-blind means that we can only look at the paper a few times to orientate ourselves, but we can't look at what we're drawing when the pencil is moving.
I'm VERY satisfied with them!

This one was done by my right hand. 
The model was my classmate who is black and wore a wool hat.

This one was done by my left hand. LOL
 The model was another classmate who is white (Jewish, actually) and has enormous eyes and wore earrings.


  1. Wao! Cool pensil contour picture, it's unblievable finished only by one contineously line. Nice job! I like it!
    The Lt hand writing was no skillful like the rt hand but still have another kind of characters.