Monday, February 13, 2012

Dubstep Is Cool

Hanna introduced dubstep to me, but I didn't appreciate this genre then.
When I began to listen to Pendulum, I listened to dubstep without even knowing it.
Now dubstep is very popular and people play it at dance parties.
How interesting most people can't even dance to this "EDM" but just stand there or shake their heads.

Look at the basic beats of dubstep. Oh my gosh, these are complicated beats!

I checked out other molecules in DMT's family and found there's a guy named Diisopropyl Tryptamine. He produces mainly aural hallucinations that distort sounds, lowering their pitches and making them sound like flanging (mixing two identical signals with one delayed). And he does little visual hallucinations. What a strange guy. So I decided that he loves dubstep, wears/carries headsets everywhere, produces hallucinations of playing dubstep loudly, and bangs his head violently. LOL