Sunday, February 26, 2012

Texture Project

"When you look for style, you find death. When you look for life, you find style."
My art teacher said this to encourage me (regarding my comic) and he heard it from someone else.

Mission: Texture Project
How: Collect as many textures by rubbing charcoal against paper on different surfaces. Take a good picture of a landscape. Manually copy and magnify the picture. Cut pieces of textures and glue together to construct the landscape.You can't add additional mark or pattern on the textures.

My picture, picked from the 20 best pictures taken that day. Taken at Hotel Red on Monroe St.

At first, I had no idea how I was going to construct those intricate plants and the reflections on the pots. The teacher told me just break them down into smaller areas and follow what I was doing.

My final work (completed date: Feb. 19, 2012):

Didn't it turn out better than I thought? Everyone said I did a great job on the reflections. It took me two weeks, in class plus an extra 10 hours work on weekend. I admit it was stressful. However this work could be improved by having a more discernible background and dark values in some areas. I didn't get many textures of darker values at first.

Me with my work, taken by my art teacher:

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