Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dog or Dragon?

I talked to Bridgett about The Neverending Story (the novel). She was interested to read the novel because she thought the movie was awesome. I said, Falkor the dragon was so much cooler in the book, but he looked like a dog in the movie. She said, "... it is not a dog? ... OMG my childhood altered!"
Falkor is slender, elegant, noble, and magical. He's actually more like the Chinese concept of dragons than the Western one. Why did that movie make him so ugly? =  =

The fortune cookie is really a genius invention of Chinese Americans. It makes all American people believe that Chinese people really eat it and believe the craps written on the little piece of paper. Many fortune cookies teach you how to speak Chinese words, using pinyin. The last one I got was 乾洗 (dry clean), but the pinyin it gave was "qian xi". What the heck ...


  1. I remember seeing that movie on TV a long time ago. The part I saw was about Atreyu riding Falkor at top speed racing through buildings and stuff. I didn't even know what that white creature was supposed to be. Funny how Bridgett really assumed it to be a flying dog...

    Lmao...the cookie paper was probably written by Chinese Americans that don't speak Chinese.

  2. 以前看電影的時候完全不知所云,也不知道那隻會飛的白色毛茸茸長條動物是甚麼?後來看小說才覺得真不錯。為甚麼會有人覺得電影不錯?我記得那部電影評價並不高,不過以前沒有人會期待騙小孩的把戲會有多高明。