Friday, February 3, 2012

An Artist's Facebook Project

Our Art 102 class visited the studios of the graduate art students in our school and talked to them. One of the artists, Gabriel, got an crazy idea which he called the Facebook Project. It's still ongoing.

First, he went on FB and searched for people with the same name as he and added them as friends. Then he obtained their permission to use their photos. Those people are from around the world, with very different backgrounds, some with interesting profile pictures. Gabriel then tried his best to dress up like their profile pictures and imitate them (he bought costumes and even gained and lost some weight at some point), and took pictures of himself as other Gabriels.

He hung those pictures on the wall and began to imagine a series of exciting adventure stories of those Gabriels, each with a different personality and very cool life story. For example, a Mexican masked wrestler or a guy who always carries a machine gun and lives beside a volcano. In those stories, they are heroes, villains, friends, and they interact! Finally, he produced paintings of those adventures! Gabriel even gave them family and friends based on the looks of those people's real family, friends, and pets.

Everyone was impressed. Oh, what a creative and cool guy!

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  1. That is so cool! Man I hope this guy could gain some fame some day, haha.