Monday, February 27, 2012

2C-B and 2C-E Sketch

I've been feeling down since yesterday. I spent the whole afternoon reading articles for envrionmental studies and got sick of doing homework. So, I was drawing and procrastinating despite of tons of readings and projects waiting to be done.

2C-B (right) and 2C-E (left) Phenethylamine
Two young molecules. They are sister and brother, also, cousins of Mescaline.

Ahhhh but I'm not totally satisfied with their hairstyle.
The hair deco on 2C-B is her bromine atom by the way.
Because 2C-E likes eyeballs, he got a J-pop neckerchief with eyeballs for himself.
I need to add more stuff on either his T-shirt or his pants. Suggestion please?

Common 2C-B visual hallucination: moving waves, cliche 70's colors, green and red halos around objects
Common 2C-E visual hallucination: fractals comparable to Mescaline and LSD, but put more emphasis on colors (Mescaline puts more emphasis on geometric shapes.)

P. S. Indeed I felt much better after drawing. So I think the time wasn't wasted. Mental health is important too.

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