Monday, February 20, 2012

Recipe: Black Vinegar Seafood Beans

Got some black vinegar? Let's make a very refreshing dish!
I was playing around with food materials. It turned out surprisingly good!
That's a really half-Western, half-Chinese dish, ha!

4-5 portions

3 cans of beans (any kind, I used fava beans, chick peas, and white kidney beans)
Seafood (again any kind, I used shrimps and some clam meat)
2 bunches of kale (alternative is lettuce; lettuce doesn't have to be boiled)
Olive oil
Chinese black vinegar (Italian vinegar will work just fine)
5-7 cloves of garlic
Some salt 
Some spice (optional? I used a sprinkle dried oregano leaves; felt like it might not be the best fit)

1. Get rid of the stems of kale and tear or chop the leaves to big pieces.
2. Boil the raw sea food. Get them out and set aside.
3. Boil kale leaves and get them out immediately once they change color.
4. Rinse the canned beans.
5. Pound or chop the garlic cloves to very small pieces.
6. Place kale leaves, beans, seafood, and garlic in a pan (or mixing bowl). Can add some spice.
7. Add several teaspoons of olive oil. Add black vinegar and mix until the sour taste is prominent. Add some salt to balance the taste.

How to eat this dish?
1. Remember to serve it fresh! (If the next day it's not sour anymore, just add more vinegar.)
2. Best serve cold. Warm is okay.
3. Eat it alone as a side dish, with rice as a decent dinner, or with lettuce as salad.

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