Sunday, February 26, 2012


What a weird name is that? I have no idea. I usually just call it "Simply Being Loved".
It's the 4th track from BT's album, Emotional Technology, and is one of BT's most popular tracks.
What surprised me is this track holds Guinness Book of World Records' song with largest number of vocal edits (6178 edits).
What? Does it sound like it has that many? Uhhh maybe? I bet BT must be very perfectionist.
BT is poppy but I love some of his tracks. The double play of Superfabulous and Somnambulist is pretty poppily delicious.

I sent out the application for a nice little efficiency on Langdon St. on Friday, and watched an idiotic movie, The Muppets (2011), on the same day. Pretty good day. :)

Ahh, if I have my own kitchen and bathroom, I'll keep them very clean. And I won't be sharing hallway with anyone. In fact the building doesn't have hallway, so I won't be smelling the annoying smell of pots from neighbors everyday.

P. S. I got good grades on midterms wooooohooooooo!


  1. I didn't really listen to BT that much before, but now I think he's actually not too bad. Yes, very poppy-licious! lol
    I remember I couldn't stand the album These Hopeful Machines. Any comments on that?

    1. I don't listen to that album much either. To my opinion, These Hopeful Machines is not a brilliant album. I listen to trance so I'm generally more tolerable to long tracks, but most tracks from this album are uninteresting and just too long.

      You can try These Humble Machines, which is basically the same album but all tracks are edited down to "normal length", like the radio editions. I found the instrumental tracks in These Hopeful cooler than the vocal tracks - Rose of Jericho and Le Nocturne De Lumiere.

      Force of Gravity from Emotional Technology is a good progressive trance track. I didn't find tracks beside those especially impressive.

  2. BT dances in the video! :D
    And what's with all the people they keep discussing whether BT is gay or not it's hilarious. (people obviously think he looks gay in the video, but nevertheless they agree he makes a hot gay.) LMAO

    1. He isn't a good dancer. XD

      LOLOL Why? Is there any evidence besides "he looks gay"?
      When BT was a bit younger (like as in the video), he is really cute (... as gay? XD).

      BT you're better at making poppy stuff and I want more. Techno album like These Hopeful Machines and ambient album like This Binary Universe are just average.

    2. Oh yes sometimes he looks more like doing tai-chi or something. lol

      Dude he was sooo cute I cannot even!!!...Uhhh excuse me for my fangasm here. x'D
      I have no idea, but some points out that there's not enough gay electronic musicians, so yeah, whatever. I found it hilarious just looking through people's endless debate.

      These Hopeful Machines sounds more like bad alternative rock. And I agree the only track I found tolerable was Le Nocturne De Lumiere. (and the video of the single, Suddenly, literally sucks. I mean, really.)
      I'm not familiar with This Binary Universe.../shrugs
      Emotional Technology is his poppiest and least experimental album, but it's pretty great. lol

    3. You're right. Sometimes his music sounds like bad alternative rock.

      I don't really listen to This Binary Universe but my iTunes shuffled to it.

      Why there isn't fan art of this cute guy!? (besides the one you made) There should totally be, and the German guy and the Dutch guy who are crushing on him.

    4. Maybe he's really trying to do something like tai-chi or Far East kungfu. Seems like he loves Japanese stuff very much.

  3. "...and the German guy and the Dutch guy who are crushing on him."
    AHAHAHAHA OMG you have no idea how I choked. XDDDD /beats table

    1. Well a lot of other musicians are way overrated and too many are underrated.
      It's okay, we're underrated-awesome-old-school musician shippers.