Friday, September 2, 2011

Super Nerd?

It's required for my class ... but it's something I've been wanting for years!

A brand new set of organic chemistry molecular model kit!
But it's hard to build a molecule because all the bonds are so tight! My fingers got red when I connected all the atoms together. That might be a manufacture failure. : /
This is an very expensive toy but very cool! : )

And that's a space filling model.

It's ethanol, many people's favorite; useful in the lab too.
Aww ... isn't he super cute?

Taking biology, organic chemistry, and entomology this semester?
The organic chemistry professor just threatened us for an hour today about how difficult this class would be and we have to work 20+ hours per week on this class, blah blah blah .... not to mention that I'm in the honor section.
I think I'm going to be a super nerd.


  1. Both of us will be super duper busy this year...

  2. 我問爸爸說為什麼原子之間有不同的連結方式,他說本來就是這樣,有不同的BOND,原子之間的結合力不同,我是真的把化學完全忘光了。

  3. It's a very cool chemical toy, I like it ! even it is a little bit expansive but if I am still in student age, I will buy it.