Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Coupons, Good Food, Good Day

I was wandering on State Street and thinking about how to use all those coupons.
I tried something that I wanted last year but didn't get because of the price.
Jamba Juice, a smoothie store. It's quite refreshing. :)
And yep I was playing with my new molecular kit in the store. I don't care if people think I'm a freak.


I asked Poster Master if they have any Pet Shop Boys poster. Too bad there's none.
Then I had dinner at Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant.

When I took a bite on that burrito. Hmmm it actually tastes great!
I've never had a good burrito since I've came to the US. I don't like the burritos they serve at Qdoba, and the burritos in school's cafeteria are just terrible.

Abi, this half Mexican girl, totally agrees with me.
Of course I couldn't finish this buy-one-get-one meal, so I took the salad out.
I ate the salad the next day and was full all evening .... oh my!


  1. Haha playing molecular kit at restaurant is awesome.
    The burrito looks huge!

  2. Burritos ARE huge. That's why I got so full.
    But I don't know if that's how they're supposed to be originally

  3. 為什麼會有這麼多coupon?是哪裡來的呀?