Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG Tiesto's Concert in 2 Days!

I have at least two happy things done today.
I've sent out my signed visa. The post office is located beside the Wingra creek, so I biked there. I should have no problem to continue staying in the US.

I purchased the ticket to Tiesto's concert on Thursday! The reason why I started listening to Tiesto is a bit funny: I like Astrix, and Astrix likes Tiesto a lot; but Tiesto is of course a much more well-known figure. I'm so looking forward to the show ... hey I hope to have some entertainment too, but I need to study double hard this week!

Astrix and Paul van Dyk, I love you! When will you come to Madison?


  1. Catrina嫉妒死了,說為什麼這些人都不到台灣來?

  2. Paul van Dyk 不是跑到台灣去了嗎?只是十八歲以下不能去!