Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art History Teacher

Art 108 came out to be an art history class; art history of modern European and American art.
I love my new art history teacher because he seems so funny!
When we first saw him, he was dressed neatly in a black suit and a striped shirt.
The room was dark that we couldn't see his face.
And he moved with grace, liveliness, and ... a little femininity.
I wonder what gave to his speech such speed and circularity.
When he said, "Those three things are essential for this class," I already forgot his first point.
Teaching us "close visual analysis", he commented on the world-famous paintings:
"A narrow range of hues: white, tan, and hardly black.
The woman dissolved into the background.
She looked at the mirror but saw no reflection of the self." Or
"Composed of several simple things: black lines and huge color blocks.
Some lines don't even reach the end; they were done intentionally.
You can't find a focus on this painting, because nothing is more important than the others!
Why is it that this piece is both systematic and philosophic, both logic and poetic!"
There will be some works, but I think I'll like the class.


  1. 聽起來比哲學課還要高深!

  2. 好的老師能讓你上天堂! 嗯! 好像真的是這樣

  3. Oh wow! I can't understand a word he's saying...Awesome!

  4. 你聽不懂是因為你沒有看到他在講解那一幅畫。