Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Organic Veggies!

The FH King CSA is handing over what they left from their harvest to students for FREE!

I got a whole bunch of veggies and I'd love to learn how to cook those American ingredients. I love FH King. If I have a family I'll definitely join a CAS.

I made this dish that night. It's saute chicken, tomatoes, and kale with butter and black pepper. To add the final touch, I put some of the kind of herb on the rice in (it's also at the very front on the previous picture). It tastes surprisingly good! I've heard it's used in French cuisine. Gees I have to find out what's that herb called because it smells so special and great.


  1. 我覺得那種植物看起來很像茴香,不知道是不是?

  2. 茴香好像通稱fennel

    孜然有人說叫ziran spice也有人通稱fennel

    不管它們叫啥! 妳煮的飯看起來很好吃呦!