Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Trance Party

So I was back from Tiesto's Club Life Tour and had the first trance party in my life. It was surely more intense than any party I've been to (BPM maintained around 130 throughout), and I felt fortunate to see now the world's no. 2 DJ (according to DJMag) in the beginning of my school year!

Yep that's Tiesto in the picture. See how those Tiesto's fans seem to go too far! I met some girls on the way, one of them said her friend is a big fan. He said Tiesto is the god of all DJ's. We laughed. Another girl said Tiesto is very sexy, I was like: uh ... yea?

I'm not a huge fan of Tiesto. I actually have been wishing to go to a psytrance party, so I struggled for a while whether to go or not. My first impression was his music is urbanly sophisticated and contagiously poppy. Probably because the first few songs are remixes of some pop songs. Later the mix set presented more of his earlier trance works, when I enjoyed and pictured myself in the late-90's progressive trance scene. I'm so happy that Traffic was played, because I'd be disappointed if it wasn't - one of his greatest and most recognizable tracks!
 Tiesto - Traffic (clip) 

Parties are great. In fact I love to party sometimes. I felt that day, however, some fine and melodious trance tracks could be ruined in raves. In such situations, music reduces to only heavy beats blending with the audience's screaming. People are all sweaty and crowded that you can barely breath in the smell of smoke. The breaks in trance tracks become a boring nothingness ... if trance is designed for dancing at all, I would prefer smaller parties.

I went home and took a bath. With organic chemistry textbook in my hand, I reclined on the bed and fell asleep with glasses on, and woke up a few hours later with a sore neck ... what a day!


  1. Traffic is trance? XD Probably 'cause it's progressive. Dude, but that track is awesome.

  2. Check out Traffic's original mix:
    BPM = 136 ;)
    I think it's trance except it's not psychedelic.

  3. Okay now I can tell it's progressive trance. :)
    Yesterday Patrick was playing Tiesto while we were working on Halloween deco. XD (but he played only one song. I wish he played more...)