Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures of Lily

When I heard the lyrics, I can't help thinking this song is funny. :)
"Probably the most beautiful song about masturbation ever written," some people said.
Then I wanted to know who was this Lily and see her pictures so much. Some suppose the song was referring to Lillie Langtry (stage name), who was an actress and indeed died in 1929 as stated in the lyrics.
What kind of father when his boy complained about insomnia, would give him pictures of a beautiful woman who was dead decades ago? That's weird and cruel. LOL Poor boy, but I still can't help smiling to the lyrics. I think I'm beginning to like the Who.

We never know whether the reference was Lillie Langtry, but here're a few pictures of her.


  1. What! A song eulogize the mustubation!!!
    It's really really weird! LOL

  2. It's not that strange if you see the lyrics 'cause it's not obvious. It's a pretty good song!