Monday, January 30, 2012

My Resting Heart Rate

My resting heart rate recently is 69 beats/min. The PE teacher said the average resting heart rate for many young women are in the 80's range, and told me gladly that I must have been working out aerobically frequently to have a heart rate at the low range. That was something I'm very happy about. Although I'm kind of heavy, my body is not as weak as I thought!

I found among the classes I'm taking this semester, I rather spend time on chemistry than doing environmental studies homework. I've taken Prof. J's environmental studies class, so basically what we're learning now are very similar to what I've learned. Yep, biodiversity in danger, overpopulation, energy and resource crisis, pollution, global climate change, natural reserves, recycling, environmental conservation in third world countries, and environmental justice, etc. There're few new problems but the same old problems since the Industrial Revolution. And you know, as we get more into the "solution" part, things can get very political. I still wonder if I'll do anything related to environmental conservation in the future ... maybe about protecting my favorite insects? Just hope there won't be too much politics that I need to involve.


  1. You eat healthy food and not have bad habites, moreover with exercise frequently, of course you have good physical condition.

  2. I decided this semester to sacrifice some homework time to do exercise. :)