Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Statistic on My Fabulous iTunes

Just thought it'd be fun to do a little statistic on my current iTunes because I think my collection is fabulous! I want to have an idea about the diversity of my music too. I put whole albums, not just single songs.

Is there an upper limit of how many songs I can add into iTunes?


266 albums, 3380 songs
Can play for 10.7 days


Rock: 65 albums
      Hard rock: 4
      New Wave/alternative rock: 6
      Others are mostly classic rock; a few psychedelic rock

Pop: 43 albums
      Synthpop: 18
      Soul pop: 3 (I didn't count Dexy's Midnight Runners)

Jazz/Funk/Soul: 11 albums

Electronic: 131 albums
      Dance/pop (includes Eurodance): 24
      Alternative dance/New Wave: 21
      Ambient/downtempo/New Age: 22
      House: 2
      Trance: 34
           Progressive: 12
           Goa/Psychedelic: 22
      Drum 'n' bass: 3
Folk/Country: 12 albums

Others: 4
      New Age: 1
      Vocal/Opera: 3

Countries of Origin

USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Israel, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark.

Sometimes it's hard to categorize music because some albums are mix-genre, or even some genres have complex origins, such as new wave, folk-rock, synthpop, etc.

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  1. lol awsome
    A tiny machine can have such huge storage ability.