Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Art Class

I have a real art class this semester - what I mean by "real" is it takes place in a studio and we have to buy a bunch of art supplies and actually produce some artworks.

The instructor apparently loves music. He began the class by playing music, talking about music (like he has been listening to MGMT a lot), and asking everyone to say what music impressed them recently in self-introduction.

I said I really like psychedelic music such as trance and Shpongle, and mentioned I went to the Shpongletron concert. He made me repeat the word "Shpongle" twice, laughed, and said "you're still tripping out!" Then he kept calling me "psychedelic biologist" until I said "stop it." It was so funny!

It looks like a fun and exciting class. However we're required to work outside of class at minimum of 5 hours per week. Wow ... I didn't know art classes have homework too!


  1. 聽起來art class 將會是一堂有趣的課,但是我開始替你擔心,有 Organic chemistry+ Lab. 還要有ART的作業, 會不會又是一個沒日沒夜的一學期?

  2. 喜歡音樂的美術老師,聽起來很合乎你的味口。