Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Art History Professor ... The Warden?

I just realized that my art history professor reminds me of the Warden of Superjail a lot. The same slender, soft build, similar way of speaking, similar voice (though even softer), and the same gestures, wow! Not to mention he's often in suits or something formal-looking. When he strides across the platform elegantly yet flamboyantly, his waist and legs curve when he turns, with fingers of both hands spreading just below his face and a vibrant expression, spouting ... oh ... especially his half-sarcastic, half-silly, high-pitched laughter "ha-ha!"

P.S. But yea, he doesn't look like the Warden.


  1. Oh my, do you have a picture of your professor? xD

  2. The Warden has been described as a "sadistic Willy Wonka" (wikipedia), but I prefer real Willy Wonka in Chocolate Factory.

    I don't like Superjail. Too much violence. Ugly characters. :(