Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Memory from Thanksgiving

Thanks my previous roommate Yuli, who invited me to her friends' to have a heart-warming Thanksgiving feast.

The turkey took so long to bake, so we didn't have turkey until passed 10 PM.
While the turkey was in the oven, the girls made pumpkin pie with cranberry sauce, baked sweet potato with pecan, and cheesecake and other sweets to stuff us. We got so full!

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie with cranberry sauce

The stuffing in the turkey. We ate it directly too.

Because those Chinese girls requested noodle soup, so we went buying noodles and vegetables. I used the turkey's soup and green onion to cook the noodles. Everyone appreciated. Soooooooo good!

Finally, the turkey! I've heard they bought it from the Farmers' Market. It tasted better than the ones I had in PAS!

The gift I bought for them. A small box of cherries & berries chocolate and a couple of chocolate turkey! So cute! eve

I was so full and excited that I couldn't go to sleep, so I stayed and chatted with them until very late. I shared with girl named Winnie my artworks as well as Catrina's online. She really appreciated them! Especially she likes my comic character LSD. :D

Surrounded by many friendly Chinese people, I almost felt like home.


  1. 南瓜派是自己做的?還是從市場買來的半成品?還有甜點都是自己做的嗎?(我記得你曾說這位室友不喜歡做菜,什麼時候又變的這麼厲害了)

  2. They made everything themselves!
    It wasn't Yuli, but other girls who live in that apartment. :)

  3. 今年真的很開心囉