Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Not An Teenager Anymore

My 18th birthday: spent alone in Singapore as a delegate of MUN
19th birthday: gave a little performance in Bradley and spent the day alone
20th birthday: with my good friends in Madison!

What could I ask for more? It's the biggest birthday celebration in my life so far!

Eight of my friends and I had dinner in Campus Biryani and had delicious cheesecakes!

I got so many gifts that I don't know what to say.
I received:
homemade brownies x 2 from Kristin
homemade pudding from Real
a box of coconut chocolate from Ray
a Beatles poster from Linda and Jodie


The restaurant owner Jami and I. He did everything to serve us zealously besides cooking good food, like making green tea and taking photos for us. No one was there besides us, so we basically had the whole space that evening. Even though we waited for a long time for food, man, I think everyone was very satisfied with that restaurant!
I told them how much their showing up meant for me because I spent the last two birthdays alone. Awww I'm just overwhelmed!


  1. 被朋友環繞的感覺真的很不錯,