Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kevin Rowland's Covers

Cover of The Long and Winding Road by Kevin Rowland, the singer-songwriter and frontman of Dexy's Midnight Runners.

This song is found in his solo cover album, My Beauty.
Even though he didn't write the songs, he tried to adopt his own style and depict his painful experience of fighting with drug addiction through them.

I didn't listen to the whole album, but Allmusic review says that this album is not good, gives it a somewhat low rate, and says his version of The Long and Winding Road is laughable. Why? I didn't find anything funny.

Also, the reviewer said he doesn't look good in drag on the album cover. Hey ... it's random and disturbing but very brave. (Well, the video of Concrete and Clay IS disturbing, but good song. XD)

Kevin went to some festivals in drag and was pelted with bottles. Ahh, those people were mean to him!

Video of Concrete and Clay for whoever wants to facepalm:


  1. 好奇怪的VCR? 他為什麼一直要露出他的小褲褲???

  2. 我是整個無言到不知該如何寫comment.