Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Summer Wars

I watched Summer Wars, a Japanese animation, last week

So the whole world depends on a virtual network called Oz, kind of similar to our situation today. Then, an artificial intelligence begins to steal people's accounts, mess up with people's lives by controlling their accounts, and even plan to destroy the whole human race! Why? Because it just thinks it's fun, or rather, it doesn't know what it's doing.

The main human characters need to use their avatars to fight against and defeat this A. I. Sounds really cliche huh? The cartoon itself is reasonably entertaining, and I did find it funny that the avatars in this animations fight with kungfu and Japanese martial art.

Ohh they are kind of cute right? For a while, the floating avatars and moving scenes kind of gave the post-exam me a headache. I think the most special part about this animation is that it's just SO Japanese. The characters, setting, and everything. We usually see this kind of cliche plots in Western, like Hollywood films. So if you like the exciting idea of some badass super A. I sticking its finger from the digital to the real world and inclining to kill its creators, and you too like Japanese animation, go for it!

Why have people been so paranoid about A. I.? I think we should worry more about our population overshooting the carrying capacity of the earth and accumulating toxic wastes that will poison our future generations. This sounds more likely to destroy the human race. Just a random thought from what I learn in classes. By the way, the world population just hit 7 billions recently. Amazing.


  1. The cartoon does look super duper Japanese. lol
    Wow the world has 7 billion people!! D:

  2. I love how the cartoon "concretizes" everything digital. LOL
    The A. I. messes with traffic, he literally messes traffic signs up like they are a bunch of blocks in space or dominos. He locked the main character out using a password, shown as a key. Not to mention they fight and in the end another main character plays bet with the A. I so they enter an online casino scene. XD

  3. Why have people been so paranoid about A. I.?


  4. I am surprised! I remembered you told me you don't like Japanese anime when we were in New York.

    Anyway, Summer Wars is fine.