Monday, September 10, 2012

Planting Around

I got my Then & Now self-portrait back! However the sad news is A Hero of Sustainable Agriculture (portrait of Prof. K) is lost. I'm so sad that I can't send it as a gift to Prof. K. I also found my Hotel Red texture collage, but it initially had a black border and it looks as somebody has ripped and took the border away.

I was going to watch The Avengers with a friend, but she stood me up and watched Packers football game instead, so I went to the movie alone.

Except watching movie and doing some homework readings, I was planting flowers around this afternoon. Everyone passed by seemed to appreciate the pretty flowers. I also bought two varieties of chili pepper plants and young plants of 5 kinds of herb (thyme, rosemary, mint, cilantro, and basil). I planted the herbs outdoor and kept the chili indoor. I've heard the herbs are perennial: they die in the winter but the roots would survive into the next year. I hope they grow strong and more and more so I'd have a large supply of chili peppers and fresh herbs for my kitchen!


  1. 為什麼有人要把border搶走?好奇怪的人。


    1. 我也是要做功課的‧‧‧房間還沒完全佈置好,你一直催,我壓力好大。

    2. 也不用完全佈置好再照,可以看一下整型前和整形後的比較。