Friday, September 14, 2012

My Garden

Here are some photos of how my garden currently looks.
Those purple and orange flowers are varieties of what are called "mums" in markets. The leftmost yellow flower is a variety of black-eyed suzy. The rightmost is a kind of aster.
 The black-eyed suzy is not doing very well. It's too dry. (And its flowers get eaten too.) The soil is very dense and clayey - no matter how much I water, water just seems to run-off instead of going into the soil.
 At least the mums seem good. I think I caught what's destroying my plants! You can see that all the pansies' flowers disappeared and their leaves were plucked. I was so angry to see a hare running away from the flower bed when it saw me. Okay, I've some "pest" problem here. I probably need to experiment what kinds of plants fit here the most.
 Those are my herbs! Herbs seem to like here. The person who sold them said most herbs like the temperate climate and grow in the drier and sunnier side.
 Rosemary and basil.
 Thyme and cilantro.
Mint. I probably need to wait a long time for them to grow to the usable amount?


  1. A pretty small garden you made it
    and besides that there also have a pest like your plans too, HaHa

    Before the snow falling I think you will have some harvested.

  2. 天啊!住在大馬路邊還會有兔子來吃花?可惡!下回恐嚇它,再敢吃就把它抓起來配上香草,做成三杯兔肉!

  3. 不過土質看起來真的很不好,可能需要改良土質和施肥,有空再做吧!

  4. 把洗菜洗手水都拿去澆花,雖然要一直跑出去,不過好像也夠養這些植物了。看我們每天要浪費多少水。
    要怎麼改善土質啊?花長的不好,我有點失望。那棵Aster雖然站不直,但活得還不錯,招來一些bumble bees和食花蜜蠅類。