Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harvest from the Farmers' Market

I love going to the Farmers' Market. Seeing the harvest and people's happiness when they sell their products or buy the things they need just make my heart warm.
I bought two chili pepper plants from the market and harvested the peppers. The long peppers, which I stir-fried one with vegetable, were not spicy at all, though it added the good peppery smell. The other variety is the small Thai chili. I hope it'd be hotter.
There were some strange things I saw. Emu eggs! I nearly thought they were dyed ostrich eggs but I noticed they were significantly smaller and had a different shape. I've heard they are naturally of this deep blue color, just beautiful! The farmer also sold emu jerky and emu sausage.
Things I bought from the market: bread, brats, Swiss chard, and jam made by Pilgrims.
The Swiss chard is also called rainbow chard.
Currant jam, pickled mushrooms (garlic and dill flavor), strawberry bread, and cherry almond bread.

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