Friday, October 5, 2012

Dot Blot Analysis

I created notes on some concepts and techniques that the past student worked or that I'll be working in near future in Professor G's lab. This one is about dot blot analysis (Of course I won't do it from the very start. I'll start with Step 4 because Professor G already obtained the antibodies.) I just uploaded this here as a record in case if I lost the paper version.

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  1. "Western Blot". Your note call up my memory, there procedures was almost the same as I were study in the molecular lab about 15 years ago. but in that time there didn't have convinient monoclonal antibodys to use, we more offen use the isotops to label(Hybridization) our targets, moreover, that I think isotops is hazarded to the our body and also not good for the eviromental.
    Go! GO! Rita
    *I remember there should have a molecular technic book in the lab.