Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Normal Life, Busy Day

It was such a long, busy day. Fortunately, I fell asleep last night early because I was too tired, so I have the energy the deal with everything today. I was also lucky enough to just wake up in time without the alarm. The day started with working in the lab at 9:30 AM on the dot blot analysis, and physics class, more work in the lab, physics exam review session, checked homework answers with a classmate, and got home by midnight. I still have homework to complete now, and I'm having midterms in a few days, but I'm back to my normal life. I slept especially sweetly last night and felt very happy today because my apartment is finally my own again. So good!


  1. 每天都像在趕火車一樣。

    1. 那天星期二是特別忙啦!今天考完物理了,另一個重擔卸下來,好開心!