Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Growing Sick of Those Pop Songs

Folks are really obsessed with a song called Call Me Maybe lately. When I was on the STLF community service tour, people played it everyday, sometimes a few times a day, on the bus, singing, shouting, and dancing to it. Several people asked me if I liked the song, I was like, huh ...

Today my group in PE class gave our final presentation. It was a success! But when we were doing the exercise, the music both my group and the other group chose to go along with is ... Call Me Maybe. Now it's just too much and it stuck in my head! NOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!

The other song my group chose was Sexy and I Know It. But I mean, those two are such bad songs, and they're so popular! There are a few other currently popular songs that I'm growing sick of, too.

I've been listening to a lot of poppy stuff such as Erasure, Alphaville, Hall & Oates, BT, Scissor Sisters, Aqua, and even Duran Duran sometimes. Pet Shop Boys is pop too. A lot of dance songs today are house or techno. I listen to house and techno too. But why I just can't stand those pop songs that people around me play all the time? AHHHHHHHH! Please, no more Call Me Maybe!

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