Sunday, April 8, 2012

Angel! ...

I just got back from the community service tour and a party of friends' made during the tour. It's late so I'll update some stories and pictures tomorrow, hopefully. Gosh, I've got so much to do, so much to study for the exam!

I saw Catrina's drawing of PCP (Angel) and I was like who is this ... ohhh, and I nearly screamed! xD

Catriiiiiinaaaaaaaa who said you can't handle good-looking characters?
Look at this cute sexy twink guy!

The thing on his head are some bruise and blood because he bumped his head. I suppose he was upset so I don't know why he looks happy now.

He was originally designed by Blanca. I don't even know how I would handle this character. LOL
Angel is a powerful hallucinogen and anesthetic. He has caused so much problem and is addictive. Oh God, he is so terrible. Even more terrible than STP. Incredible character.

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