Friday, April 13, 2012

List of Non-white Molecule Characters

Someone on deviantART reminded me about the representation of "colored" characters. I'm making a list of the molecule characters that are going to be non-white (don't look like Caucasian), and that's not a whole lot! Hopefully we'll have more. It's like a head count so I won't forget whom I have. Let's wait and see if we need to add onto or take off the list. It's interesting that some characters are never white in my mind.

Psilocybin Tryptamine

Psilocin Tryptamine

Diisopropyl Tryptamine

5-Methoxy Diisopropyl "Foxy" Tryptamine

5-Methoxy Methyl-Isopropyl "Moxy" Tryptamine

Miprocin Tryptamine

5-Bromo-Dimethyl Tryptamine

Ephidrine Amphetamine

Khat Cathinone

Cathine Amphetamine

Meth "Crystal" Amphetamine

MDEA, Eve Amphetamine

MBDB, Eden Butanamine

Bromo-Dragonfly Benzodifuran

Cocaine Ecgonine

Caffeine Xanthine

Theobromine Xanthine

Theophylline Xanthine

Salvinorin A. Diterpenoid

Arecoline Tetrahydropyridine

Acetylcholine Ethanaminium

Cortisol Corticoid

Gibberellin A3 Diterpene

Abscisic "Dormin" Acid

Monosodium Glutamate

- Some molecules that are not on the list might have non-white heritage, e.g. Mescaline Phenethylamine is 1/4 Native American; I'm not sure about Lophophine.
- Some molecules appear to be mix-race, e.g. Acetylcholine, Bromo-Dragonfly, etc.
- Some, especially those of Eastern Europe, Spain, etc. might not really identity themselves as white.
- I'm not sure about DXM, THC, Meth Cathinone, etc. yet.
- I haven't seen an Asian psychedelic. It seems like most Asian molecules are stimulants or something else.

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