Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who Wants to Look Like Cartoon Characters?

Woah ... This is effing terrifying!  =  =
I said are those people too addicted to Photoshop so they are sick?
Show this to some girls and see if they still want to look like those pretty (esp. manga) cartoon characters.

Oh but this one above is very neat! It's the skeletons of American cartoon characters made by a Korean artist.

I've been staying up very late. Mom and Dad said I always work hard at first then can't persist later. It seems like they don't believe I've been working hard in the past few weeks. Well, I have no time to post photos or log in deviantART. I felt terrible because I was so tired a few hours ago, but after some additional hours of work, I'm too stressed to sleep well.


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  2. WTF?! What the bloody hell is wrong with these people?! That is effing scary! DX

    Oh and you should never mention the word "Korea" when dad's here. >:)

  3. Yep, that's the point!
    You can get nightmares by looking at those pictures.
    And those weird girls claimed they didn't use Photoshop!? Do they think people are that stupid?

    I suddenly think of DMT. He has huge eyes, a pointed chin, and pale skin too. Is he scary? LOL (Well, some people think he's weird-looking.)