Monday, February 11, 2013

Standardization of production and purification of Manduca hemolymph JHBP (Abstract)

The abstract of my research project for applying the Hilldale award (my project hasn't have a result and conclusion). Many students have attempted on this project and didn't work out a desirable yield of rJHBP. If my future work is anything useful, the results will contribute to the scientific community. It's kind of hard to believe I'm doing it.

The hemolymph juvenile hormone binding protein (hJHBP) is a specific Lepidopteran protein that binds and transports juvenile hormone (JH). JH plays a number of crucial roles in the regulation of insect development and reproduction. This project will employ a transformed E. coli cell line to express recombinant JHBP (rJHBP). Immunological analysis, cell preparation, and protein purification will be explored to produce and purify rJHBP of optimal quantity and quality. Binding studies will confirm the functionality of rJHBP. The results will provide a stable supply of JHBP for future studies on the binding and target cell docking mechanisms and contribute to increasing our knowledge of insect physiology and pest control.

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  1. It's amazing, you can join the science development in inset field at your under graduate stage.