Friday, February 1, 2013

Student Organizations

I'm excited! There are some student organizations that sound very interesting. Some of them are old; some are new. I'll try my best to see which ones I could continue participating.

Besides continuing going to AHA and oSTEM, there's a new group called electronic music production. The group leader is a DJ and people there are all EDM lovers, who may or may not know how to produce music on a computer. Though the majority are male. I don't know how much time I could actually devote into trying the sound manipulation software, but I go there to make friends (lots of dubstep, house, and trance-lovers), and at least learn about the terminology, so I can understand people's conversation on electronic music production.

There is another group that doesn't have meetings, but the leader will arrange you to pair up with a woman in Kenya. Those women are poor people who are learning sewing as a living and English as the second language. Their English might be good or very elementary. If just writing a letter to a person once every few days or few weeks is helping a poor person with limited resources to learn, that sounds like something I'd love to do.

I visited the International Socialist Organization's meeting today. I was curious, and people there seemed to have some interesting ideas and debates. They were friendly too. I might stop by some time during the semester.

There's a Cheese Club that meets every three weeks. They teach you about cheese varieties and let you taste samples. Sadly it conflicts with my other meetings. Oh and the Cyclist Club. It sounds awesome to ride bike with people around Madison for the sake of exercising and relaxing. I could get to know some other parts of Madison too. Of course, we'll have to wait until the weather gets better.


  1. 其實學校社團本來就沒啥忠誠度的

  2. 我喜歡腳踏車的團體,不過可能很挑戰體力喔!