Monday, January 28, 2013

Crazy Start

It's the second week of school. I already have homework piled up and a bunch of books to read. Isn't that crazy? I slept too less last night, spent the free period between classes to read The Origin of Species, got back home and insisted not to sleep until midnight.

I'm happy with the history of science and philosophy biology classes I chose. Although they require more readings than straight science classes, the content is interesting and the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. I've got an official reason to read The Origin of Species.

I haven't got exercise so I'm stiff, but I'm so tired that I don't feel anything. I want ice-cream and going to sleep. A paper is due after tomorrow. At least I have ice-cream now.

(Surprisingly, it has been raining heavily at night in Madison in the past two days. The snow has melted because of the rain.)


  1. 達爾文的文筆怎樣?他那個時代的人寫的英文會不會跟現在有很大差距?


    1. Darwin's writing is very clear and detailed. It's surprising that he came up with many ideas that are still in use today, or sounded very similar to new knowledge such as genetics. Though Darwin didn't know anything about genes. He himself even believed in Lamarckism and pangenesis.

      A student in my class said he loves The Origin of Species and has read it several times. He said, I hope scientists today write like Darwin. There was probably less distinction between science and literature in the Victorian Era.

  2. Darwin's theory still be used commonly in our day
    and just decades ago, some theory also mislead used being a excuse of the World War II

    In ealy stage science paper might not have stander form like our modern journal, exactly as you say; they'er writes between sceince and literature

    Rain + snow = mud, It's the most terrible season to went out.