Friday, November 30, 2012

Perfect Score for Physics

I studied extra hard again for physics and got 100% on this week's midterm! This exam was about rotational motion, harmonic motion, energy conservation, and wave. The calculation was relatively straightforward so many people got 100%. The standard deviation was higher, however, and gave a mean score of 70%.

I could do good in biology and chemistry. Now that I could say basic physics isn't a problem for me either, as long as I have good instruction and work hard. But don't expect me to be obsessed with math and really want to go deeper in physics ... because the next step will involve calculus!

I'm very tired today and planning to go to sleep before 11 PM. I'm going to meet Lynda Barry, an American cartoonist and author, on Saturday. She's going to teach people to draw. I've never read her comic but hopefully the meeting will be interesting!

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