Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great Food from the Farmers' Market

After shopping at the Farmers' Market several times, I gradually know which stands have great food. Here are some bakeries and producers that I'd like to become a regular customer of. Too bad many of them will take a break during the winter.
Sugar River Country Bakery makes firm, sweet cakes like this. The variety includes chocolate zucchini, orange chocolate chip (those two shown in this picture), strawberry, cranberry orange, almond chocolate, blueberry, lemon poppy seeds, lemon, and more. Except the fruit peel in the lemon cake is bitter, other flavors I've had are tasty and filling.
Stella's Bakery has so far the best bread I've had in the US. Their signature is the spicy cheese cake but I didn't have that. Instead, I had some of their huge, firm bread and toast. The Russian black bread has a very distinct flavor, made from caraway seeds, cocoa, and molasses. I was surprised that it tasted great with cheese and ham. The one in the picture is Italian basil bread. I ate it with cheese spread from Fayette Creamery.

The creamery is very popular and their stand is always surrounded by people who are getting a taste of their genuine Wisconsin cheese. I'm not so interested in the cheese that people eat directly as snack or meal, but last week I found those cheese spread that smell so good. There are many flavors. I bought bacon cheddar and Swiss almond. Most food in the US are not fragrant, but those are. When the Italian basil bread and Swiss almond cheese entered my mouth, the aroma of basil, the texture of baked wheat, and the nutty milky flavor made me feel as though I walked into an exquisite Italian restaurant. What a combination!


  1. 你十二月回來的時候,farmer's market還有開嗎?真想讓你帶一罐cheese抹醬回來。

    1. 其實我正想這麼做。這個周末是買起士醬的最後機會了,因為冬天這家乳品廠休息。你們想要什麼口味的?我記得他們有bacon & cheddar, sharp, Swiss almond, garlic, tomato & basil, blue cheese,有八、九種,其他的我忘了。要幾罐?一罐小小的不大。

    2. 如果妳東西不會很多,可以帶的話就帶。一到兩罐都可以,不過口味嗎?還是大眾化的就好了,blue cheese?上帝的臭腳丫?不曉得能不能受得了。