Monday, October 31, 2011

Cicada Attack!

This article was read out loud by Prof. Y in class. Prof. Y is funny enough usually, but I haven't heard of something this ridiculous.I know I shouldn't laugh at people's injuries and misery, but this is ...

Prof. Y, you could be an actor!

Blame it all on the 17-year cicadas! Those insects emerge every 17 years in 100 millions. Lots of kids were hurt either because cicadas "attacked" them or they tried to attack cicadas. Some fell from the bike or run into the wall because cicadas fly into their faces. A girl was bitten by a dog because a cicada perched on her leg. Some kids were hit or stabbed because their friends were trying to kill cicadas by throwing soda cans or stabbing with a knife. One boy was injured because he kicked a cicada on a lawnmower's wheel (ouch!). Another boy's hand got ran over by car wheel because he planned to put a cicada under his dad's car.

I wish I can witness the emergence of 17-year cicadas too. Sounds like a gigantic insect party.

There're a lot more cases in this short article. I hope you can enlarge it and read. (click and click "show original")


  1. 甚麼時候這些蟬會跑出來?這時間應該可以推算出來的吧?在WI那邊有嗎?

  2. 滿天亂飛的cicadas