Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wonderful Ending

There was a blizzard on Thursday. The school was closed and all the exams on the day were cancelled. I went out to taste the first big snow of the year and spent half of the evening chatting with Johnny.

Got a hug from my evolutionary biology professor. I finished exams, got straight A for this semester, and rewarded myself with a cup of frozen yogurt. Waiting to go back home. Wonderful ending of my junior fall semester. Can't ask for more!


  1. Dad,Mon and Catrina are all waiting your back home at Xmas.

  2. 剛剛看到新聞說,美中和美東因為暴風雪已經交通大亂,現在就怕你回來那天也被天氣影響,那就糟糕了。

    吃完雪居然又去吃frozen yogurt,不亦太冷乎?